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23 thoughts too "Guestbook"

  1. Hallo,
    nachdem letztes Jahr unser Haus abgebrannt ist und wir mit unseren 5 Hunden ohne Obdach waren, haben wir uns für den Dogliner T730 entschieden.
    Jörg Dräbert hat nen super Job gemacht und zeitnah geholfen, auch nach dem Kauf immer für Tipps und Hinweise zur Verfügung gestanden.
    Wir geniessen nun die Zeit mit unserem Womo und können 4 Pfoten Mobile nur wärmstens empfehlen.
    @ Jörg, vielen Dank nochmals für Deine Hilfe und Unterstützung, wir werden auch nach unserem Hausbau noch viel Spaß mit dem Fahrzeug haben.

    Sabine & Markus Fischer

  2. Hallo, ich bin Mylo (11 Jahre) und durfte mit Frauchen und Herrchen 2 Wochen im T738 verbringen. Ich hab mich super wohl gefühlt. Schon vor Antritt der Reise habe ich sogar einen eigenen Brief mit tollen Tipps bekommen. Danke dafür! Als Frauchen und Herrchem mit dem WoMo zu Hause ankamen um mich abzuholen haben sie mir noch eine ganze Tüte Leckerchen von Euch mitgebracht, auch dafür nochmals Dankeschön! Eigentlich fahre ich gar nicht gerne mit dem Auto, mir wird nämlich immer übel, aber diesmal war alles anders. Denn ich hatte meinen eigenen Bereich und konnte diesen bequem per Rampe erreichen. Und es war ganz sicher weil ich durch Gitterstäbe geschützt war. Da war es so bequem und durch meine eigens mitgebrachte Decke sehr kuschelig, so dass ich auch nachts (dann mit offenem Gitter) dort schlafen wollte. Ich konnte während der Fahrt sogar durch mein eigenes Fenster nach draußen gucken und das Beste- mein Frauchen und mein Herrchen während der ganzen Fahrt per Kamera beobachten 😉 Ich kann euch sagen, es war ein toller Urlaub. Ich sag nochmal Danke, dass ihr so an mein Wohlergehen gedacht habt und freue mich auf den nächsten Urlaub. EUER Mylo

  3. Wir waren zwei Wochen mit dem 4pfoten-mobile T738 unterwegs und waren begeistert. Von der netten Übergabe mit umfangreicher Einweisung und ständiger Telefonbereitschaft bei evtl. Problemen, bis hin zur unkomplizierten Rüchgabe alles top! Das WoMo ist super ausgestattet. Endlich mal ein wirklich durchdachtes Konzept für Hundebesitzer. Geht es dem Hund gut haben auch die Besitzer Spass. Die Fahrt und der Urlaub war sehr entspannt, da es unserem Hund und uns an nichts gefehlt hat. Super komfortabel Tag und Nacht. Wenn WoMo Urlaub dann nur noch mit dem 4pfoten-mobile! Wirklich Top!

  4. Last autumn with the dog liner T730 to France to the Ardèche - in June 2018 from Lake Constance to Königsee (German Alpine Road) with the new TE738.
    For September, France is back on the plan.
    Just awesome!
    Thanks again to the 4 paws team in Homburg for the great care!

  5. We took over our 4 Pfoten Mobil on Monday after a detailed handover. Of course, our Delhli (Tibet Terrier bitch) was in the foreground during the handover. Herr Dräbert had thought of everything.
    The mobile has far exceeded our expectations.
    After a small assembly campaign, we started on Thursday for the maiden voyage to Hooksiel. The short break was great fun. The conversion of caravans on RV has worked well.
    Thanks again to the entire 4 paws team.

  6. We were in 2016 for the first time at the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf, because we wanted to look for a motorhome, which is also suitable for dog owners; ie with which we can take our dogs safely and with us for the dogs. The search on the Internet had not really done anything decent. After a visit also the booth of manufacturers of Aufsetzkabinen we came across the booth of 4pfoten-mobile. We were welcomed and advised on the well visited stand very friendly and competent. With the 4pfoten-mobile Dog-Liner T730 we had found a camper that matched our expectations for the dogs as well as for us and was still far below our expectations. The floor plan is optimal for us on the length of 7,30 m. With the brochures and impressions we came the next day to the decision that we wanted to buy the camper. My email the following day, Sunday evening, was also promptly answered with a callback; I would like to mention at this point that I have until today (about 1,5 years after the delivery of WoMos) always on the same day (!) received a response from 4pfoten-mobile on e-mails etc. Yes, there was also a breakdown in the delivery, because the factory had delivered the WoMo with the wrong waste water tank; However, this was at the expense of 4pfoten-mobile directly at the delivery already "provisionally" fixed and now the right (winter) tank is installed. We have now extended the dog liner, which is well-equipped from the outset, with various additions to our needs. Including an EFOY fuel cell and a Dometic kit 3, with which we can operate the already installed Dometic air conditioning system while driving; the climate runs with enough large battery reserves as we now also in the state flawlessly on. We also had an underfloor gas tank with 50 l (including tank heating) retrofitted, because we are traveling in the winter with the WoMo. In South Tyrol we have also been able to stay 1.500 nights free in 2 m altitude in a ski area (allowed) 3 nights in winter. Of course, we were not spared any of the 2,3 Fiat recall campaigns for the 6 Euro XNUMX engines ... but that applies to all Fiat Ducato-based vehicles ...
    In the meantime, we have been thrilled with 8 tours and about 8000 km with the Dog-Liner; we are looking forward to the next tour in September.

  7. We were over Pentecost with the Dog Liner at the campsite Gut Karlsminde on the Baltic Sea. It was a great week with the perfectly equipped motorhome. We have often rented one or the other caravan at various providers, but so far, the 4Pfoten mobile was the best we have ever had. Just because it is designed specifically for traveling with dog (s), we liked it so much. It just fit everything. From the first visit to the WohMo already half a year before the planned trip and the detailed information about the dog's vehicle, about the pickup with precise briefing and storage of our private car in a hall, to the delivery. Simply completely, also the driving with the mobile was after a short settling in no problem. We say thanks to Carola we recommend it.

  8. Unfortunately, a wonderful time passed too fast. We had rented the motorhome for two weeks, everything has worked wonderfully, from the friendly handover to take back. Thank you for this opportunity to experience such a holiday with our dogs.

  9. Hello
    We: a middle-aged couple and our two four-legged friends
    have spent the first time with a Womo a short break.
    Our children threw together and donated us one week with the 4Pfotenmobil.
    As a beginner, what have we thought of
    what to take
    how do we get along with the camper?
    what do our two dogs
    and anyway !!!
    So it started on a Friday towards Kempen-
    our car packed with all things important to us
    + our four-legged friends.
    We were on time,
    then very nice welcome and instruction-
    Then our things repacked into Womo.
    Car parked in the Great Hall for the time being.
    So until then everything went great.
    Then start to Hunsrück-Eifel Moselle.
    We had previously chosen this round trip with the suitable for us Womo - pitches, the year-round had open.
    Everything went great:
    If you were unsure or had questions:
    Under Womo - drivers are very happy to help.
    Overall, we liked it a lot.
    Our four-legged friends have also felt comfortable. There were no problems with the two:
    While we drove they were in the box and we could always look for you with the camera.
    It also made us feel good.
    While we were on a pitch we had the box open so the two of us could come forward if they wanted.
    The weather also played along -
    About the 1. November was not that easy, but when ANGELs travel!
    In the near future, we will be renting an 4 caravan again for a few days.
    It was a very nice experience.
    Now a nice greeting from Dortmund
    And yet :: we had too many things with us.
    Since the Womo is equipped with everything imaginable -
    next time we'll only take half!

  10. Today, we (two bipeds and one 7 months old Parson Russell Terrier) have come back from our 12-day test drive with the DogLiner. Although we belong to the caravan faction, the car convinced not only us, but especially our little girl. And that's actually praise enough - because the small turnip can (terrier typical) quite beastly, if you do not fit something 🙂

    Her new favorite pastimes are: Run up and down the ramp, blow the coat in front of the heating nozzles and, as a guard dog, leash the camper on the outside.

    The vehicle comes with many practical details: A stable, lockable "box", in which the dog not only travel comfortably, but also sleep comfortably and can retire - even with its own heating nozzle and outside window with fly roller blind! An outdoor shower, with which we got our marsh princess again bright white. Two solid welded outer hooks, which also withstand a few kilos of dog more. A ramp for older, smaller or physically restricted animals. Dirt-repellent and easy to clean floors and seat covers. An Anti-Schlabbernapf, so that the dog is supplied with water even while driving. And what we have used most frequently: A camera with which you can even while driving on the screen in the cab times take a look in the box to see if the fur nose sleeps, whistles or pee.

    We felt very well and in good hands and with the handling everything went well - thank you!

  11. We (1 Mensch + 2 dogs) have just come back from our first Womo through southern Sweden, it was absolutely great, the vehicle is ideally suited for a holiday with a dog and I also found my way around quickly and felt very well. Driving was a lot of fun, you drive very relaxed, the handling is easy and I always had a very safe feeling.

    I am now infected and am already planning the next tour .......

    Klaus Hille

  12. Went a few times with our new 4 paw mobile and are just thrilled. The place, the room layout - all top!
    And our dogs love to get in and out the ramp : ).
    In this way, we would like to thank you for the super nice and competent advice. We can only recommend the motorhome for dog owners.

  13. From the East Westphalian location in Dörentrup near Lemgo, we (2 persons & 3 dogs) set off for 5 very nice days with the 4-Paws Mobile heading north. We have always been afraid to start with three dogs in a camping holiday ... the 4 paws Mobile has then moved us. We were rewarded with an unforgettable time and experience. A well thought out and well equipped motorhome. Especially the floor plan and the details convince. Many thanks to Carola for a smooth transaction ... just makes you want more camping with our four-legged friends!

    From Blomberg greet Simone and Rüdiger (not pictured with Anton, Fina & Jojo

  14. The mobile homes are great, like new and great for dogs. The rental ran smoothly, so that we could start with our four-legged carefree on vacation.
    There is an extra locked kennel for dogs in the rear of the motorhome. There is also an outdoor shower for the dirty paws and ways to attach the leash.

    We'll be back!

  15. What a great mobile! We (2 dogs and 2 people) enjoyed the tour very much. First-class service, mega equipment, feel good from the first to the last moment.

    Great animal invented, invented and implemented. There remains no desire of a dog and his man open. WOW!!! Keep it up!

  16. Have just discovered in Kempen the Womo for mistress, master as well as for Balu and Mona. Great, long searched, finally found, only rent check if that works. later purchase not excluded. Simply everything for dog owners, long searched and found now Ps were already campers, but with two dogs very problematic, security etc

    1. Hello Andrea,

      Thank you for your suggestion - the new location "Lipperland" is only about 75km away - so we are approaching in big steps 🙂

      Have a look ...

      Many greetings

      Carola picklaps

  17. Hallo,

    I just saw your vehicle at the DOG show in Stuttgart. Just great for dog owners. The motorhome builders had never thought about the needs of dog owners until now. Here was a camper designed by dog ​​owners.

    Just great.

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