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EU Regulation 576 / 2013 and
EU Implementing Regulation 577 / 2013

From the 29. December 2014 finds the new Regulation (EU) No 576 / 2013 of the European Parliament and Council of the 12. 2013 on the movement of pet animals for non-commercial purposes and repealing Regulation (EC) No 998 / 2003. The corresponding Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 577 / 2013 of the 28. June 2013 is also available from 29. December 2014 valid.

It regulates the import and export of pet animals (dogs, cats, ferrets) between EU Member States and third countries in EU Member States. This is to ensure improved protection against the introduction and spread of rabies - a deadly disease for humans and animals.


EU regulations - new status

Since the 1.10.2004, the EU Regulation (Regulation 998 / 2003 of the European Parliament and of the Council of the 26.5.2003) on the
Import and export of pet animals (dogs, cats, ferrets) between EU Member States and third countries in EU Member States
Application. This is to ensure improved protection against the introduction and spread of rabies.
The following requirements must be observed when traveling within the EU member states:


Heimtiere, die ab dem 4.7.2011 neu zu kennzeichnen sind, müssen zwingend mit einem Microchip ausgestattet werden. Bei vor diesem
A well-readable tattoo will continue to be accepted on deadline marked animals.


When traveling, the pet passport issued by a veterinarian must be carried and must be consistent
a valid rabies vaccine was taken with the recommendations of the vaccine manufacturer.

rabies vaccination

When traveling within the EU, a valid rabies vaccination must be registered in the pet passport. The vaccine will be in the case of a first vaccination
Valid if at least 21 days ago. The vaccine must be according to the recommendations of the vaccine manufacturer
be repeated. A re-vaccination is then immediately valid.

Age> 3 months

If the animal is younger than 3 months and not vaccinated, travel within the EU is allowed only if it has been chipped and since then
Birth was held at the place where it was born, excluding wild animals exposed to an infection with the rabies virus
could have been in contact (to be confirmed by the veterinarian). Entry is also permitted if it is his mother
accompanied, from which it is still dependent. In this case, the mother has to fulfill the entry requirements.

National special rules

Some countries have special national rules to follow.

Checklist for the holiday with your fur nose

What you should not forget for the holidays with a dog

  • Pet passport
  • Copy of your dog liability insurance.
  • Extra dog holiday brand with your holiday address and phone number on it (travel documents are usually sent 4 weeks before departure, a dog tag with text you have within 5 days in the house).
  • The dog leash and possibly a tow line, which is safer in the foreign holiday country, to go for a walk with your dog.
  • A dog sleeping blanket.
    An extra duvet cover should your dog have the habit of secretly sneaking into your bed at night.
  • A brought from home old sheets protects couch and chair and you at extra cost for the final cleaning.
  • Hundefutter: sollte Ihr Hund zu den wählerischen Hunden gehören, sollten Sie sein eigenes Hundefutter mitnehmen. Ansonsten können Sie in beinah allen europäischen Ländern Hundefutter kaufen. Nehmen Sie für die ersten Tage Ihr eigenes Futter mit und mengen Sie es mit dem neuen. Nach wenigen Tagen können Sie problemlos ausschließlich das neue Futter geben. Das gilt aber nur für Hunde mit wirklich robustem Magen. Ansonsten genug vom eigenen Trockenfutter mitnehmen.
  • Do not forget the water and food bowl. Add an old towel to the drunterlegen.
    On the journey you should give your dog nothing to eat, but always enough water.
  • Not to forget: his favorite toy and treat as a reward for good behavior at the resort.
  • One or two old towels for dirty paws and wet fur.
  • Brush, especially in warm countries, dogs often start to hair.
  • His medication, if the dog already uses it.
  • Of course a tick protection. It is ideal to bring a small first-aid kit for dogs. You can finish buying a first aid kit. Your vet will certainly help you with the compilation.
  • Enough Kotbeutel to clean up the legacy at the resort.
  • In some countries, a muzzle is mandatory. Check our entry requirements again, if that applies to your holiday destination.
  • Are you planning a hiking holiday or a mountain hike? Then take with you safety special dog shoes to the soles of your feet
    Dog to protect.