A mobile home ONLY for dog owners.

With the "Dog-Liner T730" is now the first specially designed for dog owners "4pfoten-RV" on the market!

Motorhome with dog: With lush equipment at a reasonable price, it is aimed at freedom-loving motorhome owners, who often had to settle for temporary help with their four-legged friends. The vehicle range of the "4pfoten-mobile GmbH" is aimed exclusively at dog owners. The space concept developed by experienced dog owners with numerous features for up to two large dogs sets a lot of comfort for the dog and owner while traveling.

Dog owners who want to enjoy the freedom of traveling with the motorhome, so far pushed quickly to the limits. Because not only the landlords often waved off when a dog should accompany the travelers - even the motorhome manufacturers offer hardly practical equipment for the four-legged friends. With the "Dog-Liner T 730", the first fully equipped motorhome is now coming onto the market. The concept of the manufacturer from the Lower Rhine Rheurdt is aimed at dog owners who like to travel comfortably and do not want to give up their dog.

safety first

Already the name reveals that the concept was especially thought of the beloved companion on four legs. For example, the 7,30 m 2,30 m wide "4poten-mobil" has a specially equipped area in the rear, which can accommodate up to two large dogs. An easy-care and well-padded dog mat ensures comfort, and the integrated "anti-slipper bowl" always keeps enough water during the ride and protects against wet paws. The watchful companion receives a clear view to the outside through a secured sliding window. Thanks to the generously dimensioned side door with extendable ramp, the four-legged friends can comfortably get outside. Arrived at the parking space, stop rings on the vehicle allow secure attachment of the leash. In addition, an outdoor shower with hot and cold water for clean paws after exuberant exploration of the terrain. Also, the connecting door to the interior is provided with a protective grid, which can be pushed aside in the state. A digital camera installed in the dog area allows the driver to supervise his dogs from the cab by monitor. However, if you like the four-legged friends while driving in the vicinity, for the front floor area, two belt buckles for attaching the safety harness are available, because safety finally occurs.

Extensive comfort package

But not only the four-legged friends should feel comfortable in the "4pfoten mobile": For the two-legged fellow travelers, the manufacturer has put together a comprehensive comfort package. Four beds, two of them in a fixed bed, toilet with sink and separate shower room and a spacious kitchen with oven and large fridge and freezer offer plenty of space and relaxed independence while traveling. A separate air conditioning in the living area makes travel bearable even in summer, while the solar system on the roof secures the energy supply off the campsites. Durable and easy-care materials in the interior should ensure that the relationship between the dog and the holder remains as clear as possible in any weather.


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Rental Rates

Rental rates 2019
Start of the rental 15. March 2019
Ende der Vermietung 15 November 2019

Off-season from 95,00 € / day
Mid season from 115,00 € / day
Season from 125,00 € / day

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